4 Yummy Chutney Recipes to Try in Your Mixer-Grinder


Indian food is incomplete without pickles and chutneys and an Indian kitchen is incomplete without a mixer grinder to make these yummy staples. Chutneys are essential with certain dishes like dosas and idlis and cannot be replaced by any other sauce. There is a large variety of chutneys that you can make. Here are a few recipes that can be easily made in your own kitchen using a mixer.

Coriander-Mint Green Chutney

A favourite accompaniment with many of the Indian snacks, the green chutney also goes as an ingredient in many chaats and is used as a sandwich spread too. It is easy and quick to make.

All you need is fresh coriander (1 cup), fresh mint (1 cup), curry leaves (1/2 cup), raw peanuts (1/4 cup), green chillies (2), some ginger (1Tbsp), lemon, a little sugar and salt to taste. Blend all these together with very little water in your mixer grinder. This chutney will remain fresh for a couple of days if stored in the refrigerator.

South Indian Coconut Chutney with Coconut Water

Several dishes from the South Indian menu are popular all over India. And none of them are complete without the delicious coconut chutney. This recipe uses coconut water for enhanced taste. It serves as a great accompaniment with idli, dosa, vada and many more South India delicacies.

The ingredients include dry grated coconut (1 cup), roasted gram dal (1/4 cup), salt (to taste) and green chillies (2) to grind together with coconut water. Prepare a semi-smooth paste using a mixer grinder. For tempering, add mustard seeds (1/2 tsp) to heated coconut oil (1 tsp). Once it crackles, add dry red chillies (1), urad dal (1/4 tsp) and curry leaves (5). Saute until the urad dal is crisp. Cool the tempering and pour it over the paste. Delicious coconut chutney is now ready to eat.

Garlic Chutney

A spicy blend of garlic and red chillies, which can be eaten with absolutely anything, is a main ingredient of the popular vada pav. It is also a staple in the rural areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

It simply requires blending garlic (20 cloves) with red chilli powder (1 ½ tsp), roasted cumin (1 tsp) and juice of one lemon with very little water. Add salt as per taste. This chutney can be refrigerated for up to two weeks.

Peanut Chutney

A healthy, protein-rich accompaniment that takes very little effort to prepare, the peanut chutney has a nutty taste combined with the flavours of chillies, curry leaves and lentils. It can be served along with poha, dosa, idli, paniyaram or even roti and paratha.

First, roast the peanuts (3/4 cup) in 1/2 tsp of ghee for 2-3 minutes on a low flame. Add urad dal (1 tsp) and channa dal (2tbsp) and roast till it starts giving out a toasty smell. Add a handful of curry leaves and a green chilli and sauté for a minute. Cool the mixture and grind it with ginger (1/2 inch), salt and little water. For the tempering, heat 1 tsp of ghee and add mustard seeds (1/2 tsp) followed by urad dal (1/4 tsp), curry leaves (1 sprig) and dry red chillies (1-2). Allow them to splutter and take it off the heat. Pour the tempering over the ground paste and mix well.

With such delicious chutneys in your repertoire, be ready to amaze your guests with a variety of dishes accompanied by them. These will prove to be finger-licking good and leave them asking for more.

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